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Posted and updated by admin on October 15, 2013

Dear CustomerOur latest projekt:  enetsafe.com/eu o e-netsafe.com/eu will be launched in beta by the end of December 2013 in Europe. France, Spain, Germany and UK will be one of the first countries, where we will be proud to offer this unique service.

If you are interested in our project please pass by again. We will post on this site our development:

2009/1  An Idea is getting a name: Project  E1-Safe.

2010/6 Project: E1 Safe will be developed for the Private Sector

2011/11 Project: E1 Safe is going to Europe .

2011/12 Project E1 Safe PNO, Coventry is interested in this Project.

2012/2 Project E1 Safe PNO, London is working close together with HTCI,LLC

2012/4 Project E1 Safe Is now discussed for the first time in Mettman, Germany

2012/9 Project E1 Safe will change the name llegally. Ready for register the Trademark

2012/9 Project E1 Safe Hardware and Software issues undergoing revision. (1)

2013/1 Project E1 Safe Hardware issues 

2013/3 Project E1 Software new release 

2013/5 Project E1 Software & Hardware prepared for testing in public

2013/7 Project E1 Software will be updated. 

2013/9 Project E1 Software and Hardware will be presented in Andorra, France & Spain

2013/10 Project E1 on the Web : www.enetsafe.com : available information in various Languages  

CEO:  Guenther Haase

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